offroad expedition on Carpathian mauntain 4Venture adventure


Biggest non competitive off-road raid  in Romania!


4V Romania Challenge – September 2021
Adventure of your life
7 days – 1.500 km

What actually 4V Challenge is?

– A unique challenge where you cover 1.500 km in the most amazing places in Romania;
– 7 days of adventure with a daily itinerary between 150 km up to 300 km;
– Discover new remote areas such as mountains, valley, old villages or fortress;
– Each day another location with accommodation in 3 stars hotels, lodges and camps;
– In each new location, we set the technical parc, the accommodations and meals;
– Navigation will be made by road book and/or GPS Track

Who can participate?

– Absolutely everyone! You do not need to have special or professional rally raid skills. You just need to have an adventure and fun desire in your spirit!

What type of vehicle do I need?

– 4V Challenge is designed for normal 4×4 off-road cars, SSV, QUAD, enduro motorcycles and all-road motorcycles.

What is included?

– Almost everything! During your unique adventure we provide you:

  • accommodation in 3 stars hotels, lodges and campings for 7 nights;
  • breakfast and dinner;
  • non alcoholic drinks;
  • road book and/or GPS Track;
  • surveillance GPS beacon with live monitoring from the control center;
  • recovery of damaged vehicles until the next paved road;
  • luggages transport;
  • medical assistance;
  • professional team of photographers and videographers;
  • technical park secured for the entire period;
  • farewell special dinner;
  • itemised list with the trip details;


Best opportunity for you to:
– have an amazing vacation;
– discover fantastic places;
– have an genuine adventure time;
– practice navigation and orientation;
– have fun and joy;
– make new friends;

But take a look at this amazing video and you will understand!

For any other details don’t hesitate to call us.

“Let’s get lost again!”