Although we do not have any of our cars suitably technically prepared to participate in a rally raid competition, we have enrolled ourselves in the Hobby category of the Off-road National Championship named Arcfest.
We got there, we set up our tents in a wonderful camping located in a former military park that has become a recreational space called Arsenal Park. Then followed the technical records and checks of the competition cars. The technical requirements for the Hobby category were more lenient. In the evening there were concerts in the park and also some kind of food festival and after that the navigators received the roadbooks. The first day was full of adrenaline and emotion because there were national and international champions at the start line, some of them we already knew from Baja 500 Buzau. The route went well, we had no trouble reading the roadbook and the landscapes where we were driving were so nice. Unfortunately at some point on the route we found one of our champions who had his car overturned on a piece of macadam on the hill. The unwritten rule of this sport is to stop and help your colleague but we would have done it anyway. We have on our vehicle the power winch among other stuff and we managed to recover and quickly sit on the road his vehicle. The pilot of the damaged car explained us that he had new rims he had never tested before which very badly destabilised the car on that type of terrain. Fortunately no one was hurt and he could drive up to the technical park without any other problems. The evening found us preparing for the second race and talking about the track we had. The next day we found out on our time in the race how much could cost you to read the roadbook without paying attention and wander around 20 minutes until we found the right way again. We had the opportunity to test the equipment on our car once again during this championship when we crossed a river about 50 centimetres depth and the snorkel and the power of our vehicle proven to be unbeaten. At the reward ceremony we were rewarded for helping our colleague and we were pleased to be among those who had finished a hard race next to great champions without having any problems. The confirmation of both us and our car capabilities from time to time only makes us fully satisfied. In conclusion Arcfest was very beautiful and full of adrenaline championship where we successfully tested our capabilities once again, we discovered a wonderful recreation park in Orastie and we had the chance to meet a lot of beautiful people.