When you travel no matter as often you visit an area and as much experience you have there will always be unexpected situations. The “Cheia (Key)” chalet is one of our favourites from Tour 1. Why? Because it is situated in a national park, on a mountain peak at about 1000 altitudes, it has been preserved its rustic characteristics  and the kind of accommodation into the wild nature. Electricity is supplied only by solar panels, the direct source of water is the river “Cheia (Key)” that flows only a few meters from the chalet, the fire is made in rustic stoves and you cook only on wood fire. Because even the signal on the phone disappears, you can really disconnect and relax. The chalet man always has stories that revive the past and convince you to thoroughly search the park. But as I was telling you that there is always something unpredictable, I have to give you details about it. During one of our routes in the alpine plain the application of the guided device was shut down due to an error while we were crossing the “Caprareasa” top and fog was getting dense. What happened next without a track? We trudged through the fog on theatricals for about 20 minutes because although we knew the way back, the lack of visibility made our orientation getting harder. In conclusion you must always pay attention to the device that shows your track and always have a backup plan no matter how experienced you are and how many times you were in the same place. Nature has its own methods to make each of your experiences unique and remarkable. I am proud that there are still place that keep the touch of the past in a pleasant way.