“Comanca”, that village forgotten by people where only 8 elders live. How did I find out about this village because there are no news about it and the people living next to that area don’t talk about it? Our colleague who is a big enthusiast of motorcycles and driving them all around discovered this little village by chance and let’s say curiosity.  When he arrived in Baile Olanesti and wanted to relax after a long motorbike journey he started walking around and noticed an indicator of Comanca village. So he started walking on a country road that was climbing more and more but did not find the place until 2 hours later. He found out a small settlement with only about 14 dwellings and just 8 old people living there. When we heard this story and saw the pictures with that place we decided without any hesitation to do something for those living there so we included the village in one of our tours. 

We already know that when it rains the access way to the hamlet becomes rough terrain even for 4×4 cars because everywhere around there is a lot of mud. So most of the time the only person who arrives in that village is the postman who comes riding a horse. 

There is no doctor or priest although there is a small old church. I do not know if I have to be sorry for those living there and their settlement or to be happy that we still have untouched villages by the modern days of today inhabited by people honestly believing in God and living very simply just being optimistic and good hearted. 

You forget immediately that you do not have phone signal when you enter this hamlet and reach the first house where an old woman welcomes you warmly, gives you a hug and even if she has no fortunes she would want to give you everything she has. The people from there do not want to leave their homes and move to the city to live together with their children, they just live a simple life and they sincerely enjoy every minute. Is the place where once you arrive you feel like taking part of a fairy tale, you remember your grandparents and forget about all your day by day worries and problems that do not let you be happy all the time.

Thank you Comanca village and the nice people there for the most sincere and warm welcome and because you remind me to be a good human and always have hope!