Drive our brand new Toyota Hilux in an unique adventure

Can you imagine opening your eyes to an endless panorama, unimpeded by human hands? The Carpathians form the largest mountain chain in Europe. Here, in their far east, they are covered in some of the greatest virgin forests. The brown bear is at the top of the food chain and it is easy to spot in its natural habitat. The third largest wolf population in the world lives in the Romanian Carpathians, in the north there is an important natural reservation that hosts the largest number of buffalos-“bizon” in Romania. Nice mountain lodges and horseback riding farms can provide you with a wonderful stay right on the border of true wilderness.

Discover all this fantastic things during your adventure in this beautiful country. We organise the most amazing guided adventure tours through Romania with 4×4 Toyota Hilux 2017, with accommodation, fuel, guide, parties, friendship and fun, all included! You can drive yourself or just be a passenger, you can chose from different type of adventures on different periods of the year.

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