We love snow and adventure! And while we still have enough snow in the mountains, after we talked with already friends of ours, people who were with us in several tours, we decided to meet in Sibiu. So, on Friday evening, we arrived at the decided destination, already discussing in the evening at dinner and presenting what we were going to do the next day. It’s already 7:30 in the morning and we are having a cup of coffee and breakfast and in half an hour we are already at the base of the mountain. Because we always do our homework and we consider every detail, the first step towards our climbing on the mountain was to put on the chains on our wheels. The weather is gorgeous, the scenery taken from the stories and the snow is everywhere. But some like to play more, and obviously the first car was locked in the snow. First of all before continuing the story I want to emphasize: always when you go during winter with car expeditions DO NOT leave alone but with at least one more car, check your equipment for rescue, make sure you have some water and snacks , fill up the tank for your cars but that goes without saying. Why did I list all of these? On the first troll of our friend wanting to pull the car out of the snow, the cable from his winch broke down. Obviously being all equipped, the situation was quickly resolved, because our boys intervened. We went further, but after some adventure and fresh cold air we were hungry, so we stopped for a quick picnic in nature. From each expedition we learn and draw conclusions that we are discussing after. Tonight our boys have demonstrated that they are also skilled chefs, not just drivers, so they cooked us a shrimp appetizer in citrus sauce followed by a delicious rabbit in the oven. So we have fun on the tracks, we always learn about cars and driving, spend nice time with those who accompany us and sometimes learn some tasty culinary recipes.