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We are a young free-spirited team that learned in time how to escape from the day-to-day routine, to charge our batteries and to experience the feeling of freedom and immensity. We organise an unprecedented 4×4 and motorbike expedition, mixing adventure, nature and colours of life. We offer you a trip created with contrasts, sun, scents, flavours and smiles in a landscape of earthly paradise. It would not be complete without hundreds of kilometers of magic tracks in the middle of the imposing Carpathians, around old cities, crossing the rocky rivers, finding yourselves having a cup of tea under the starry sky. Last, but not least, we really enjoy meeting new people, building strong friendships, sharing unique moments and, of course, you can be one of them!



Irina – Travel Adviser:
“Can you imagine a life without travel!? Because I can not!”

Jean – Travel Organiser:
“Bring a little bit of adventure in your life, trust me it will change you!”

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4Venture Spirit

We like to travel, to see new places and meet new people. We also like to drive, nice powerful 4 x 4 cars, equipped with a lot of gadgets. We like adventure and the wonders of nature. And when your passion becomes your business, then you can say a dream came true. We are a specialized tourist company that offers you unique adventures that directly support nature, wildlife and local cultures in unique places across our country. With a fleet of well-equipped vehicles and highly trained guides, we will create a journey for you on our rugged mountain chains, through mixed forests and beautiful rivers scattered throughout this landscape, a perfect playground for adventurous travelers.

Why us

Guided self driving expedition is a great way to visit countries for those who are independent but also believe in the value of an organized tour.Taking part in small group travel, with a tour leader and independent powerful cars, is an easy way to explore. Our company have great in depth knowledge of specific regions, we have a team of consultants who study the best itineraries, we test the routes ourselves, we search best accommodation and we organize the trip in a way that optimizes the available time for the tour. We will provide you an amazing experience and you will go back home with an overall good understanding of our country. Last but not least, a self driving experience on mountains, off road areas, especially in a foreign country, should not be lightly undertaken. Our highly qualify guided personal, partners, cars and equipments make your adventure much safer, relaxing and fun!


Travel is not only about getting from one place to the next, but rather about what you see and do along the way. With amazing landscapes, medieval towns, castles, monasteries, Dracula’s legend, Transfagarasan road, Romania has a lot to offer. With natural landscapes almost evenly distributed between mountains – 31%, hills – 33%, plains – 36% and, according to the Convention on Biological Diversity, Romania has the highest level of bio-geographical diversity in the European Union. This means a greater variety of landforms than any other country on the Old Continent. In terms of travel and tourism, this translates through almost endless ways of spending an active vacation in nature. Prince Charles said, “Maybe people do not see it, but Romania is a wonderful country. Remarkable people live here….”

Fantastic Romania…

…amazing villages…

…stunning landscapes!