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Travel is an investment in yourself and we will be glad to help you discover our culture and legends, varied relief and virgin forests, best culinary tastes, recreational activities hard to find elsewhere.



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The “Seniors’ adventure” is customised  according to your wishes. In this kind of package, we drive less and spend more time in magnificent places. Even so, our powerful 4WD cars are very comfortable and easy to drive, helping us to get and to see more different places. During the driving days, we will cover around 150 km, that means up to 2 relaxing hours of driving. Usually we stay 2 days in one place and then we drive to the next destination. But our advice is to contact one of our trip consultant and design your adventure together.

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Some tourists prefer a cruise ship, it is a nice and relaxing way to spend your vacation but others need more. We take care about everything , you can participate to pottery workshops or choose to ride a bike, you can visit caves, waterfalls, and off course, you can have your time for shopping and souvenirs. You just have to let us know what kind of activities you prefer. Spice up your vacation with adventure, fun, friendship, travel, nature, wilderness, and make a journey for your soul!

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A little bit of adventure always keeps the spirit young! We designed this special package for Seniors. We will travel to the countryside, to interact with Romanian villagers, and for few days you will feel the beautiful simplicity of life, you will make an unforgettable journey and new friends! We are aware of the fact that is very important to make memories during your holidays and this is the reason we give you the opportunity to experience as many activities you want. Because our country has a rich culture also confirmed by the old heritage, we will visit old cities and fortresses, traditional museums and protected regions. You will discover that the life of our villagers is so different and pure and you will have the chance to learn how to cook Romanian food using old traditional recipes, how to milk a cow and see the process of making the cheese, groom a horse, fish a trout on a mountain river, we will walk in shady woods and drink cold water from mountain springs. And in the evening, we will stay around the fire listening stories about how Romanians preserved so well the old traditions and spiritual life, drink a glass of home-made red wine and eat the natural tasty food prepared by the local lady of the house. You will find out how relaxing can be to listen and to sing traditional Romanian folk music under the summer night sky. When the morning comes, you will be woken up by a trill of a Romanian shepherd boy singing on his pan flute. I know, in this modern and full of technology life, all this sounds unreal but, trust me, in Romania you can still find all these simple and amazing things. Just come and see for yourself.

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