The week was starting with great emotions, the weekend was approaching and we were going to participate in one of the most difficult racing raids in our country. Should I mention that it was our first experience in this domain or that the evening before the racing was raining and we even the start in the rain? This meant racing during 500 km of trail on hilly and plain areas mostlycovered with mud. Seems to be a bad scenario? On the contrary, both Romanians and those from outside the country felt the adrenaline to the fullest, got off the cars in the mud to troll or help their colleagues, sacrificed a few minutes of the race to pictures themselves covered in mud, repaired malfunctions on fast forward during the raid and their optimism has even improved the weather. What actually meant Baja 500 Buzau for us? Adrenaline, fun, many challenges , we have made a lot of friends and get to know many beautiful people. And even though the route was very difficult and the weathers was unfriendly , 50% of the competitors abandoning the race for these reasons, this experience has made us want more. The organisers have been there for the competitors both technically and as friends. So racing rally raid challenges beautiful socialisation, friendship and addiction.