I love to travel an especially to leave Bucharest behind me and to go exploring whenever I have the opportunity. What did I visit this time? Well, the stones that grow up during time called concretions. Romania is the only place in Europe where there is a natural reservation of concretions, but they can be found in several areas of the country.

What are these stones? A concretion is one hard, compact mass of matter formed by precipitation of mineral cement within the spaces between particles and is found in sedimentary rock of soil. Concretions are often ovoid or spherical in shape, although irregular shapes also occur.

What do locals say about these fairy stones and what legends are they saying in the area? First of all I learned that these stones are millions of years old. The locals have named each stone by appearance, so we have: The Old Women and The Chair from Ulmeti, The Slide and others. Otherwise those who live in the area also call them “the living stones” or “tears of the Earth”.

The access road passes largely driving along the macadam, passing through some very charming villages and continuing about 4 kilometres walking. Also this road makes the link between the concretions and another important and pleasant natural touristic sight to visit: the muddy volcanoes.