Frequently Asked Questions

No, we do not rent cars, we organise tourist tours with our own vehicles that you can drive yourself on established routes.

First of all you must have your valid driving licence. Following an introductory off road driving procedure you can easily drive our vehicles.

Yes, every tour is accompanied by the attendant guide from our team located in the assitance vehicle, driving the first in front of the motorcade throughout the route.

No, there is no such possibility since all the routes have been investigated by us and the guides escorting you with the assistance car are well-trained.

Team 4Venture owns, operates and runs its own vehicles along with the Toyota local partner.

May take part from at least 1 to maximum 6 cars.

We acquired the new Toyota Hilux Invincible fleet in december 2017, brand new model 2017 with Safety Sense, properly equipped.

As the vehicles are new the probability to break down is very low, however if that happens, your vehicle will be replaced no lather than 24 hours. We cannot guarantee it will be a Toyota Hilux Invincible 2017 (as far as available) but for certain you will receive the same category car.

The paid deposit will not be refunded in these particular cases because of the high costs of repairs.

Both vehicles and their passengers are insured the entire period of the tour.

Because we have clients from different parts of the world, english is basic.
But also it is possible that our tour guides to speak different language.

Sure, Romania is one of the safest and welcoming countries. In the urban environments a significant part of the population is speaking english while those in rural areas are very welcoming people.

We have chosen the best accomodations for you to have a wonderful time, tasting the romanian cooking and our great wines.

Yes, the transfers from and to the airport are included in your package.

The maximum legal speed limit on the freeways is 130km/, outside the builtup areas there is 90km/h and in the built-up areas there is 50km/h.

You probably do. We provide you new good quality vehicles, maximum safety, we are including a wide range of services in the price, we invest in our staff and equipment to offer you the perfect journey according to your expectations and wishes. We consider that our price is fair and you will defintely convince yourself on this.