General advice

We recommend that you shall not take a lot of luggage. We travel a lot and we get frequently accomodation. A wind and rain jacket, an anorak and a few t-shirts are the basis. Normally 2-3 pairs of trousers are more than enough. We recommend a pair of light boots and another waterproof one. It is good for you to have a small backpack with the daily ones at your disposal and a luggage a little bigger with exchange clothes.

For food and drink you can find various types of restaurants including specific international places. However our traditional food is very tasty and naturally cooked. Our guides will advise you for that purpose.
If you are under a certain type of medication, we advise you to take your pills for the entire period. Of course, if necessary, our guides can lead you to the nearest medical office or pharmacy to buy them, but this requires extra costs and wasted time for you.
In all urban and rural areas there is cellphone coverage. For the mountain areas where we do not have phone coverage, the attendant guide has a satellite phone for emergency. But we strongly recommend to “disconnect” totally during the tour, just relax and enjoy.

We recommend having a bathing suit and diving licenses for those who own them.

Save your memories ! Romania is a very beautiful country and you have what to picture and film, take full advantage of it. The assistance car has a DJI Spark droning gear, DJI Osmo Mobile stabilizer and a Nikon D5000 but do not forget your „toys” at home.
Local time is GMT + 2 hours, EET. DST starts on 25th March 2018 forward 1 hour and ends on 28th October 2018 back 1 hour.
The climate of Romania is continental-temperate one. The summers are warm with temperatures up to 35 degrees C but cooler in the mountain areas and winters can reach temperatures of -25 degrees C.
And for the unmarried gentlemen, pay attention, the romanian women is renowned for being beautiful, there is a great risk of falling in love!