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This website is owned and administrated by the company, Free Time Concept S.R.L., from EU, Romania, Constanta County, no.2, Berzei Street, that is registred at the Trade Register by the no. J13/2401/2017, CUI 37911965, telephone: +4 0752 757 777, e-mail office@4venture.net. This document establishes the terms and conditions of using www.4Venture.net website. The visit, usage, log-in and accessing our promoted services implies the acceptance of the Terms and Conditions that will be presented next.

www.4venture.net website can be used for obtaining information looking for tour programms promoted and planned by Free Time Concept-4Venture, purchasing of 4Venture products, newsletter subscription, bookings, live support, telephonic and e-mail. Any other usage except presented before or using the offers and promoted services on this website, for any illegal purposes, is forbidden. This website (including its content, headings, grapghic elements, icons, writing and presentations, arrangement, coordination, image enhancements, and all other information contained in text, graphics, audio and visual tracks, images, videos, logo, configured
data and other elements available on or by this website) is the property of Free Time Concept-4Venture and is protected by the copyright law and other laws. The items on this website may not be copied or used in any other manner, unless that is done according to Free Time Concept’s express prior written consent.

Free Time Concept reserves the right to change the elements of graphic design, texts, images, graphics, scripts and suppliers and also anything regarding the site.

By submitting your online application on this website, you agree that your personal information will be collected by Free Time Concept-4Venture and used to provide you information about our business, products and promoted services. According Law 677/2001 regarding data protection and Law 506/2004 regarding data protection in electronic communications, your personal information provided to this website are protected. According to express prior to office@4venture.net Free Time Concept commits to modify, update, block, delete the personal information of the user.

Through the payment of the reservation deposit you will be automatically signed up and get the booking of your place for the selected tour and period. According to your pay it will be sent to you within 48 hours after confirmation of payment the invoice along with the signed contract by Free Time Concept-4Venture using the eSignLive system. The tour reservation through the payment of the deposit is available for 10 days range within which the payment up to the amount of 50% of the total value of the tour is achieved.

The rest of the payment to the full amount ( 50% more) must pe paid 30 days before the start of the tour.
While canceling your reservation at least 30 days before the departure, Free Time Concept will return you the initially less the paid deposit amount. If the cancellation is made within 30days prior to the start of the tour, Free Time Concept reserves the right to partially refund the amount deposited by the user or nothing of it for covering its caused loses. Refund, when it exists, is only made in the same way that initial payment was made. For Early Booking offers, promotions, special rules apply to each offer.

If you choose the „Drive” package, this will allow you to drive one of our cars. The minimum legal age for driving a car is 18 years. Driving license B is mandatory. Minimun driver experience is 2 years. Before the start of the tour, you will be trained on the technical characteristics of the car, the way of driving, the description of the route and the traffic rules in Romania. The „Drive” package can require a deposit of 1000 Euro wich will be kept by us until the delivery of the car in good conditions at the end of the tour. If during the tour, the attendant guide as a representative of the Free Time Concept finds that the driving manners are not correct, legal and preventive, it may forbid the user to drive the car partially or for the entire duration of the tour. It is strictly forbidden to intervene on the vehicle provided for the tour for performing in any mechanical, electrical, electronic or other form except the driving procedure according to the vehicle book found in each car. Any
damage to the car during the tour will be immediately signaled to the tour guide and to the company telephone number: +4 0752 757 777.

If the tourist is dissatisfied with the tourist services received, he has the obligation to draw up a written notice of the problems encountered during the tour, related to the execution of the package of contracted travel services, which will transferred as soon as posible to Free Time Concept. The telephone communication of the complaint will be noticed but does not derogate from the obligation to make complaints in written form.

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