4VENTURE Vehicles

We have researched carefully to get to provide both off road adventure and expedition experiences and we ensure you have the essentials for every driving conditions. These vehicles will allow you to journey through every type of terrain, making every trip unique. This is the main reason to permanently invest and test our vehicles even from the start because we want you to have the best driving experiences. Our staff has a passion for 4wd cars and keep improving their knowledge for this. Each vehicle is field tested for different trials and responds to unanticipated situations. We have a true passion for cars and adventure and this is one of the many reasons we are able to offer you 5-star services! We genuinely believe that our equipped 4wd cars will satisfy your requirements and we are 100% sure that you will have the perfect adventure with us!

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We have researched very carefully all the conditions for this type of adventure. Off-road driving requires its own separate skills set and also there are ways to get a general sense of a trail’s level of difficulty ahead of time. All our guests are informed at our bases where we run through the equipment with them, we discuss the details of our tour and test the cars.

All our cars are equipped with:

  • car documents
  • power winch
  • radio station
  • snorkel
  • rescue kit
  • car handbook
  • satellite navigation
  • Wi-Fi
  • GPS car tracker with video camera
  • radio station
  • nitecore flash lights
  • binocular
  • fire extinguisher
  • tire pump
  • warning triangles
  • bottle jack
  • wheel brace
  • in addition, the assistance car has a lot of extra equipment including satellite phone, complete medical kit, main radio station, toolbox, etc.


Romania is a very safe country with nice and friendly people. However, your safety and security is our first priority. Our guides have medical care knowledge, we have satellite phones for the areas with no mobile phone signal, we know where the nearest medical centre is located at all times. We always pay attention to details and we plan everything “step by step” in order to perfectly organise your journey according to your expectations and wishes.

All cars are insured with a “Third Party Liability Insurance” and a “Comprehensive Vehicle Insurance”. Off-road driving is difficult and can be dangerous if you don’t know what to do. We all have a desire to travel beyond the pavement and experience adventures that weren’t ever a possibility with a normal car. For this reason is very important to drive a good and properly equipped 4×4 car but also to have a guide with you which know very well the itinerary, road conditions, driving technics and, of course, the cars. And for this reason we, 4Venture team, are here! Feel free to discuss with one of our consultants all the risk and safety issues any time before you start your adventure. Anyway, driving defensively, following the traffic rules, following our guide car and, like any other driver, expecting unexpected hazards, are some simple ways of having a wonderful vacation and getting the most of your trip.