The winter holidays are here and we took a well-deserved vacation, but of course we did not stay away from adventure and fun. After spending our Christmas with our families, we decided to go away from home. So we decided together with a few friends to spend some wonderul time in the mountains running away of our crowded city, shopping, clubs and pubs and prepare us for the new year with a fresh start. We went to one of our favorite lodges, which is somewhat set in the mountains but not very far from downtown Sibiu. We love the life of a tourist! The lodge is rustically decorated and preserves part of the Romanian traditions. During the winter is a real pleasure to fall asleep by looking at the fireplace in the room while outdoors is snowing. The host is one of the most welcoming people we know and she cooks incredibly well, especially the grilled chop with beans. So we had a fairytale location, our friends with us, delicious cooking and plenty snow. This time we chose not to ski and we went sleigh riding like we were in childhood. We made a lot of pictures because all the nature around was frozen. Even the river!!! Oh, and what a pleasure it is to be waited in the house with mulled wine and the pie just removed from the oven and all these after we froze in the snow. We couldn’t help us but have visited the central square even though we were decided first to stay away from the city, but the center of Sibiu is wonderful. We rested well, explored the surroundings, and even were surprised by the nightfall driving through the forest because it is very easy not to feel the time when you are on holiday. The evening before our departure we decided to cook and the host to be invited by us to dinner. To conclude, we had a short but very beautiful vacation in which we relaxed, we drove the way we like exploring through the snow, we only eat goodies and we are now fresh and ready to start the year with new adventures. Surely there are nice people expecting us to meet them, unique expeditions as we are used to and much adventure in 2019.